Day 1— ‘Come, follow me.’

/Day 1— ‘Come, follow me.’

Day 1— ‘Come, follow me.’

“Come, follow me.” (Mark 1:17)

Knowingly or not, all of us follow someone. We can do so with great intention and care, or we can do so haphazardly, stumbling from here to there but nevertheless moving in a general direction. We identify those persons whom we most desire to emulate, and we make our decisions accordingly. We all have some general conception of what the good life looks like, either through exposure to a model, or by piecing together a patchwork ideal all our own. It remains with us to discern whether or not our focus is on Jesus as our model, or on something or someone altogether different.

As you begin this journey toward living a more generous life, your first stop is Jesus Christ. You must consider his invitation, his life, his path, his truth. You must ask whether or not Jesus is truly worthy of your devotion, your dedication, your wholehearted discipleship.

God has supplied you with the grace necessary to bring you to a place where you can consider what a life committed to Christ entails. Trust him, whether for the first time, or yet again. Turn your life over to him, and see what good and beautiful things he might bring.

Jesus, I wish to be your disciple, and I trust you to lead me in a good way, a way that leads to a generous and beautiful life. Amen.

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