Day 3— ‘Serve the LORD.’

/Day 3— ‘Serve the LORD.’

Day 3— ‘Serve the LORD.’

“So now, revere the Lord. Serve him honestly and faithfully. Put aside the gods that your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates and in Egypt and serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:14)

We were created for God, to be used for God’s purposes, if we would only listen. But often we give in to enticements, other voices, and we serve other gods. When we do this, we often tread a path of destruction, leaving in our wake broken hearts, broken lives, disappointments, and failures.

The invitation to follow Jesus is an invitation to choose him as our master, as the one who always knows what is best for us, and who trains and equips us to follow all his commands obediently. Christ is calling you to follow him, serve him, and be transformed by him. He is calling you to a new kind of life! God will take your talents, abilities, passions, and unique personality and use them for the good.

Turn your life over to Jesus. Let him guide you. Leave behind old gods, and embrace him as Lord.

Almighty God, help me to choose to serve you this day, rather than false idols. Amen.

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