Day 11—Praying with a thankful heart, always

/Day 11—Praying with a thankful heart, always

Day 11—Praying with a thankful heart, always

Do not be anxious about anything; rather bring up all of your requests to God in prayers and petitions, along with giving thanks. (Philippians 4:6)

What are you most anxious about? Do you struggle to pay the bills? Is your marriage in crisis? Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Do you have friendships that are under strain?

Life is not easy. We are burdened by the concerns of the commonplace, the small yet continuous concerns that come with being in relationship to other people, with having responsibilities in the workplace or school, with keeping our commitments. We are also burdened with causes that capture our hearts, stories of a developing movement, hotly debated issues in the political or ecclesial realm, and more.

We live in a stress-filled time, plagued by busyness and pressure and worry. But we are encouraged to take our anxieties to God in prayer.

Go to God today, naming your troubles. Ask for comfort. Ask for wisdom. Trust that you have been heard. Give thanks for what is going well. And lean in to the future, knowing that God goes with you.

Holy Spirit, may I turn over every stress, worry, and anxiety that falls heavy upon my heart to your loving and eternal care. Amen.

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