Day 27—Serve with a humble heart

/Day 27—Serve with a humble heart

Day 27—Serve with a humble heart

Whoever wants to be great among you will be your servant. (Mark 10:43)

This saying of Jesus might be the most counterintuitive statement ever uttered, and it continues to turn the world upside down. Jesus says that true greatness is found among those who are willing to humble themselves and serve.

This statement goes against every natural impulse. To most people, those who are great are those who wield power and demonstrate with force that they should be in charge! But among followers of Jesus, it is not so.

Jesus sends us forth as his ambassadors, calling us to live as he lived among us. Through his loving gift—his ultimate sacrifice on the cross—we are given a radical picture of other-oriented love. Jesus laid down his life for us in order to serve us, in order to open the gateway of heaven and to usher us in by his love, making possible our transformation in holiness and our living each day in hope.

Go forth and serve, not to obtain your own glory but to make the glory of God manifest, inviting others to the eternal dance of his boundless love.

Holy Spirit, equip me today to share Christ with one person in both word and deed. Amen.

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