Day 1

All that we do is for God’s glory

“The earth is the LORD’S and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters” (Psalm 24:1).


I think this verse is appropriate as we pray for the conference center ministries. We have been blessed with so much and all of it is the Lord’s and for His glory. I think it’s important to keep this perspective as we move forward with finishing the growing and building campaign.


My Story

Whenever my wife, Jen, and I spend time at an OCF Conference center, no matter how short the visit is, we walk away feeling refreshed, strengthened, and emboldened in our marriage and relationship with the Lord. One of our favorite memories was the first time we visited Spring Canyon for a Council meeting. We took a week of leave before the meeting and stayed in the small Columbine cabin. We had an absolute blast hiking and enjoying God’s beautiful Rocky Mountain creation. Even better, though, was the time we spent fellowshipping with and learning from other Godly leaders. We were blown away by the “hero’s of the faith” that we got to interact with. Simply spending time with those people was enough to inspire us to deeper intimacy with the Lord. As we left that trip we knew God was truly at work through the men and woman of OCF!


Another time, Jen and I stopped at White Sulphur Springs for a quick overnight break during a PCS. We arrived in the late evening, parked the rental truck in the pouring rain, and ran inside. We thought it would be simply a quick rest from our travels, but, even during that short time we were spiritually renewed. One of Jen’s mentors, Dawn, who works at WSS made a last minute arrangement and took time out of her busy schedule to meet with and pray for Jen. We had been wrestling through some things and were so blessed and encouraged by this. We drove away early the next morning so thankful for that we had stopped at WSS’s.


Whether it’s a quick stop or a long trip, we are always blessed to spend time at the conference centers. The Godly people, hunger for the Lord, and wonderful environment make each stay a truly awesome experience the causes us to walk away changed for the better!


How I am praying God will move during the next 40 days

I am praying that God would be glorified through the work of OCF. That He would keep our eyes fixed upon Him, lead us, and help us to walk obediently as we seek to fulfill His calling within the military.


—Nate Barnes

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