Day 7

Conference Centers have helped us see the goodness of Christ

“This I know that God is for me” (Psalm 56:9b).


Our Story
In 1969, shortly after Grace and I were married, our Sheppard AFB OCF Bible study leader couple invited us to accompany them for a week at Spring Canyon. I had been introduced to OCF as a new Christian at Eglin AFB shortly before my tour in Viet Nam but this was our first extended experience of the OCF ministry as a couple. Mr Tok was the conference speaker. The experience was one that touched our hearts and drew us into the ministry as a couple and “that” has continued to richly bless us these past 46 years.


Our Bible study leader’s intimate fellowship, the staff’s genuine love towards us and Mr Tok’s opening God’s word into our hearts that week so modeled Christ’s love that we were drawn to follow and invest in God’s OCF ministry. That initial inspiration has just continued to be reinforced by our many home OCF Bible studies and repeated conference center visits to both White Sulphur Springs and Spring Canyon with our family. These and many other wonderful OCF fellowship experiences across the the years (both active duty and retired) have helped us see the goodness of God in Christ and how much He is for us in all circumstances.


Our Prayer
That God’s Holy Spirit will draw many new OCF members/attenders to participate in these 40 days of prayer, to attend one of the conference centers with their families or friends and that they will be inspired and equipped to join in supporting God’s OCF’s ministry in all their assignments around the world and across the years.


—Jeff & Grace Silliman

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