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over-the-top-logoOver The Top Adventure

    Date: August 7-9

    Location: Colorado Rockies—Collegiate Peaks

    Mission: To fund dining room/kitchen expansions & renovations at Spring Canyon

    Goal: $35,000 per Extreme Trekker Team

    What is the Over The Top Extreme Challenge Adventure?

    The Over The Top Adventure is an extreme-challenge invitational event for twelve trekkers who agree to undertake an over-the-top mission to finish the Spring Canyon phase of OCF’s Growing & Building Campaign—debt free. The adventure is limited to twelve trekkers and a guide. Participants must be in good physical condition and will be part of a three-day experience involving hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding and off-road exploration on all-terrain vehicles. Prior to the event, each trekker and his/her support team will seek to raise $35,000 through personal sponsorships.

    How does the fundraising work?

    Each trekker is asked to recruit a team of three team members (with help from OCF) and to oversee his or her team’s efforts in raising $35,000 through personal sponsors. Trekker’s personal fundraising goal is $14,000 raised. Each team members’ personal fundraising goal is $7,000 raised. Using matching funds (from anonymous donors), state-of-the-art web tools and the ability to recruit Centurion and Praetorian donors (three-four year pledges), a number of prior extreme challenge participants have individually raised $20,000-$30,000 with nominal effort.

    Participant Benefits

    Trekkers will experience a wonderful adventure in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. All expenses are covered once arriving in Colorado. Trekkers will build new friendships with like-minded men and women, will make life-long memories and will enjoy the deep satisfaction of leaving a personal ministry legacy that will likely touch the lives of thousands of people in the years to come.